Wednesday, May 8, 2013

OkCupid Game 1

Why the fuck am I on OkCupid?! Because I have too much free time at work and I like fucking with people. I won't give you my whole profile. It basically says I'm a musician and an asshole, take it or leave it.

Ten seconds after posting:
I just read your summary and literally laughed out loud haha
You're welcome
Btw, I'm not saying your summary is lame (unless you're a big Lion King fan), but it is terse. Your second picture is your best. It radiates personality and should totally be your profile picture. And I don't know what's going on in the fourth but at least it's not another skydiving pic
Uhm thanks I think? Honestly I'm not on here to meet people. Long story short I was busting on my friend cause she had a bad experience with someone she met on here and she told me to download it so I did to see what it was all about but I didn't wanna take a long time to write up some whole summary cause the chances of me actually wanting to meet someone on here are slim. But I appreciate the constructive criticism?
Can't fool me kid. You got four pictures and are messaging people. You're in luck though cuz you found the coolest guy on here. Did you see my loser 'competition'? No wonder your friend had problems.
Haha whatever you say sweetheart.
I'm glad you agree. So anyway, since you're shy when it comes to writing profiles, what do you have going on besides a pretty face?
Well I'm very determined headstrong. I love to make people laugh. Fashion and art are huge to me. I have a clothing line. I have the personality of a five year old pretty much. I'm extremely independent and love to travel. I have dual citizenship with the UK.
You listed 'personality of a five year old' as an assett: +5 points. Why is fashion and art important to you?
Blah blah more qualifying

(finally got her number after another 10 exchanges, haven't met up yet, too busy)


  1. Hey Pulsotic.

    I've been getting back into the game and am local in Philly. I was surfing the web and your blog looks like the only recent PUA related content that I can find. Do you know of any local groups or meetups? We can take this offsite if you'de like.


  2. Yeah and this isn't that recent either. There are meetups in philly. It's been a while since i went to one, though.