Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Chick I met while shopping. The best is at the end if you can get to it.

Her: What time y'all going up there
Me: Hey stalker, 11pm
Her: lol cool beans
Her: stalker has a name by the way
Her: Where you from?
Me: Heaven, goof
Her: Love it!!!
Her: Are you really coming out, Kind of hurricane weather lol
Me: What you gonna melt?
Her: meet at barns or elsewhere?
Me: Blammo
Her: What?
Me: Right
Her: I'll text you when I'm up there lol

Her: You're never home lol
Her: Don't you ever throw house parties or just order in and drink at home?
Me: When it occurs to me
Her: Oh...
Her: (sent a pic of Betty White with quote "Why do people say grow some balls? Balls are weak and sensitive! If you really wanna get tough grow a vagina! Those things take a pounding!")
Me: Thought it was gonna be a pic of you
Her: You never asked... but be mindful because I'm fair
Me: Ok, hit me
Her: Do you have something equal? Or better yet... we can forget pics and just go to your place to chill next time lol
Me: Equal, no. better (I can't have her at my place, can't say why)
Her: (sent sexy pic of her in bra)
Her: You're turn
(I sent no picture)

Her: Where've you been staying
Me: Why you gonna stalk me more
Her: lol nah just trying to have some fun :)
Me: Is the anticipation killing you
Her: Mhmmmm
Me: You want to come over thurs
Her: I can't on Thursday that's my ******
Her: How's weekend
Me: Only other option is Fri
Her: No I'm babysitting at my aunts... I don't understand the "only other option" part ... are you never home?
Me: I'll never be home again, this week or never
Her: I'm confused that's weird ... I'm sry I'm not able on those days
Me: How late will your thing be going on
Her: Till probly 11ish
Me: Ok, come over after
Her: Ok, friday then
Her: wait... wait why is this my only option do you have other girls lined up
Me: your top of the list that's out of fifty so you know it means something
Her: Ew... That's gross Lol
Her: Why is this the only time though
Me: You know I have baggage
Her: Maybe I was wrong... messing around isn't a good idea... I mean you are gorgeous but I'm not looking for a one nighter... I date... Not bang and leave... It's not my style
Me: You can still date and hang out with me I don't judge, I'm probably one of the few people you'll find that you can relax and open up and be yourself around, I know you want to see me, I'll be up anyway you can come over and watch a movie, we're both adults we'll do whatever we're comfortable with
Her: You're right sorry I over think sometimes
Her: I'll come on Friday :)
Me: cool

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