Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St Patties Night FLOP

I went out to meet a girl and when I got there she was puking and completely out of it. Her friends picked her up and took her home right as I got there. I was pissed. I told her earlier that I didn't want to hang out with her if she was drunk and she got blitzed anyway. The rest of the night I had written her off in my head and decided to never call/text or answer her calls. I was mad partly because she fucked me over and partly because I was now by myself in an unfamiliar state without enough time to get back to my stomping grounds.

So I decided to sarge on where I was.

Right off, I made some intense eye contact with a woman near me. She reciprocated and I approached. A little small talk, then the most important question, "Who are you here with?"

"My husband."

Great. I walked off and had a smoke outside. She found me and we flirted heavily. I tried to pull ("let's get out of here") but she balked. I knew it was a long shot, but I was in a mood for it. Her husband found her and came to cock block. I introduced myself by name and he just shook my hand silently. His wife said, "It's Steve."

ME: "Steve, huh? Ever see the movie, Tao of Steve?"
STEVE: "Yeah. You use what he says?"
ME: "Nah, too many rules."
(Tao of Steve is a good movie, but it does get some things wrong)

Clearly he knew what was up. Before he arrived his wife told me he cheated on her and he wasn't a douchey guy. Just not discrete.
As Heartiste has said: Marriage does not exclude one from the sexual market.

I left that place and hit another bar on the way home. What a shitty state. Let's just say it's below the Mason-Dixon line and the women are large and in charge. I opened the cutest (thinest) girl there and she walked away without answering. The next best thing was a petite girl with her girlfriend. She was watching me, but I never approached because I was solo and couldn't figure out the dynamic with her guy friends (there were a lot of them, I didn't want a fight). I attempted to open the guys but it just felt awkward so, feeling like a lurker, I just went home.

The girl I was supposed to meet texts me:
HER: Why didn't you come to me. I think someone put something in my drink cause I only had 3 drinks and I don't remember anything after 11pm
ME: I'm glad you had friends there. Soon as I found you on the bench out front they dragged you away
HER: I'm so sorry. I really don't know what happened. One minute I'm talking to my friend and the next I'm waking up on her floor.
ME: Then that was definitely a drug. You were a mess when I got to you.
HER: It had to be cause I can drink a lot and never be like that or blackout
ME: How are you feeling?
HER: Better. I slept a few hours and think I'm ready to eat now. You doing anything later?
ME: Yeah. I'm glad you're feeling better.
HER: Thanks
ME: So was that one of the worst weekends ever?
HER: You can pretty much say that! I'm not going out for quite a while now. I'm scared!
ME: Just can't leave your drink anywhere and always have friends with you.
HER: That's just crazy! I put my drink down at the bar to do a shot with my friends but there were so many people around. I think that's when it happened. I definitely learned a lesson.

FUCK THOSE FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT LOSERS WHO TRY TO RAPE WOMEN BECAUSE THEY CAN'T GET A GIRL NORMALLY! Disgusting fucking losers. They're so fucking weak they go out of their way to drug a girl so they can rape her without a fight. This happened to several of my friends. They were lucky. You never hear about when the rapist actually gets away with it because the girl is too embarrassed to tell. If anyone catches anyone doing this it is your societal OBLIGATION to beat the shit out of him. It's not white knighting. It's fucking justice.

And anyone who talks shit on Game... Exhibit A for why men need to learn some fucking skills when it comes to women.

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