Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Called out.

"You read the book."

I was gaming this chick outside a bar and this guy next to me starts saying, "You read the book! You read the book!" He said that he knew what I was doing and could see it immediately. We were talking 'code' in front of the girl and she had no idea what we were talking about.

She legitimately had a boyfriend (a 'nice guy'). I told her she needs an Asshole BF but she said she only dates 'nice guys'. I said that's why she goes through so many. She loved that line. It felt like she would've been a lot of work so I let her go.

The guy was actually cool and we ended up talking about PUA for a little while. I ditched him in favor of gaming some girls I knew inside another bar. On the way out, I ran into him chatting up this tall blonde. The blonde was with a really cute brunette who was texting someone. I rolled up and said, "Hey man. How ya doin'? Are you going to introduce me to your friends?" I fluff talked a bit with the group and then isolated the brunette. He later told me he appreciated the winging. I did too, cuz the brunette was cuter than the blonde.


  1. "we ended up talking about PUA"........ROFL.......another guy made weird and creepy by the seduction community.

  2. Would you rather we talked about World of Warcraft in our mom's basement like a PUAHate loser? And were you really rolling on the floor? I don't believe you.